Revival Follow Up

While I will be preaching on this subject this Sunday morning I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you about what should come after our revival meetings.  We have seen the Holy Spirit move in our congregation.  In some cases, Satan has achieved his objective of keeping you out of our services.  For those who attended, his next best goal would be to keep you from doing anything about it.

I have some experience at this from conferences as well as revivals.  I go and hear great ideas and get charged up but am back in the day-to-day routine before I get back in the front door at home.  Nothing changes.  No great movement.  Just a lot of energy dissipated.  Recently I have made an effort to change that, however.  I have a conference notebook on top of one of the piles(!) on my desk.  It is folded open to a notes page where I wrote down what I clearly heard God call me to during the conference.  Not all my “To Do’s” are done yet but neither are they forgotten.

I’d like you to do the same now.  Did God convict you of or call you to something specific during our revival services?  Why don’t you write it down somewhere?  If you journal, write it there.  A single piece of paper will do if it’s put somewhere you’ll see it.  The bathroom mirror, your wallet or purse, and the refrigerator door are all possibilities.  Anywhere will do as long as it keeps it in the front of your mind.  That’s the only spiritual impact here.  There’s no Bible verse that says, “Thou shalt write down every call God places on your life.”  This is only a method of keeping us accountable.  It’s one I have found helpful and I’d like you to try it out.

If you didn’t hear God call you specifically in the past week, ask Him now.  “What would You have me do or get rid of to follow You more closely?”  My memory is only as strong as the faintest ink.  Maybe this will help yours too!                    -Bro LP