Giving to the Lord through Union Hill

Giving has always been part of God’s people worshiping God.  As early as Genesis 4, we read that Cain and Able gave offerings to the Lord.  Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils of his battle to the priest Melchizedek in Genesis 14.  When God gives instructions about offerings in the Law, the instructions are about how and to whom the offerings should go.  It is interesting that we never have a place where God gives a first instruction on giving, it seems that it just always was what His people did.  This, of course, continues through the Old Testament and the New Testament has several instructions about giving.  Jesus commends the widow for giving all she had (Mark 12), Paul instructs us that God loves cheerful, generous giving (2 Corinthians 9), just to name a couple of examples.

At Union Hill, we encourage our folks to practice generosity both privately and through our church.  We have a variety of ways you can give.  You can come to one of our worship services (we’d love you to do that however you give!) and offer your gift during our offering time; though it has become less prevalent in recent years, you can still give your offering in our Sunday School classes; you can use your own bank’s online bill pay and send your gift to Union Hill; you can drop by our office during normal business hours; you can mail your gift to our church or you can give through our online and mobile system by clicking the link below.  You can also use your mobile device to give by getting connected to Union Hill through Realm, our new database software.  Contact the office to have us send you an invitation via email!

Give Here!

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