Youth Ministries

Both our children’s and youth ministries begin in Sunday School.  Our other main meeting for our teenagers is on Wednesday night.  The youth room is at the bottom of the stairs in the activities building and is where we meet most frequently.  Wednesday night group is frequently one large group but we have split into several groups from time to time to do separate studies that kids can choose from based on their interests.  We are also in the beginning stages of having discipleship groups on Sunday evenings before worship.

Like every youth group, we do some special events throughout the year.  Some that are permanent additions to our calendar are Dare2Share – a youth evangelism conference in St. Louis in the spring, our summer mission trip to North Dakota with our association, and our own G3 girls’ conference in the fall.  We are currently planning our first boys’ conference for the fall of 2015 and are hoping that becomes a yearly event.