Children’s Ministries

Both our children’s and youth ministries begin in Sunday School.  Care for babies and preschoolers is provided during our Sunday worship services (morning and evening) and during prayer meeting on Wednesday nights.

Throughout the year our preschoolers and children participate in our missions education program:  RAs (grade school boys), GAs (grade school girls), or Mission Friends (preschoolers) on Wednesday nights. Our children learn about missionaries and have a lot of fun.

On Sunday Nights, at 5 PM our kids meet with our Minister of Music for an amazing time of Praise Jamz! During the fall and leading up to Christmas on, our children prepare and perform a Christmas musical.  These programs are clear about the real meaning of Christmas and are loved by all who see them whether parents of the performers or not.

Our summers also include our summer day camp, Camp Spark and one week of Sports Camp with Sports Crusaders.  Camp Spark runs week days from right after school lets out to right before it begins except for our Sports Camp week.  Camp Spark includes lots of field trips, swimming, some movie theater trips, and all kinds of daily fun in addition to sharing with our kids about God and His love for them.  Our Sports Camp is a chance to learn the fundamentals of up to three sports and learn about Jesus.  Sports Crusaders are Christian college students, both varsity athletes and not, that give their summers to teach kids about their favorite sport and, more importantly, about Jesus and the gospel.   Both Camp Spark and Sports Camps programs have a separate registration fee.

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