Sunday School

Sunday School is the “backbone” ministry of our church.  We encourage everyone who attends Union Hill to be a part of Sunday School.  Even though it has “school” right in the name, it’s certainly not just for kids.  We do have classes for children of all ages from birth through high school but we also have classes for all our adults.  We love being together in worship but Sunday School classes are where we get to know each other and really get to dive into God’s Word together.

Preschoolers all go to classes in our Preschool area in our main building and are grouped according to age.  Preschool care for our worship services is in the same area so they don’t have to go anywhere between Sunday School and worship.

Grade-school children meet in the classrooms on the first floor of our activities building.  They are grouped according to their grade level with promotion happening each fall around the 1st of September.

Our teenagers start each Sunday together in our fellowship hall.  They get some “hang out” time and we get to share some announcements and prayer before heading off to class.  Most often, we split according to gender but occasionally we will split into a middle school group and a high school group.

Adult Sunday School grouping is a little harder to explain.  The best way to figure it out is to try it!  We have lots of classes but no hard and fast age or gender guidelines.  Most of our classes do have a sort of identity – grandparents and retirees, 20-somethings, parents of grade-school children, etc. – but no class is exclusively anything.  You are welcome to try several and see which one fits you best.

All our Sunday School curriculum and classes are designed to enter at anytime.  That means the best Sunday to start is this Sunday!

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